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    Seminars & Training


    We offer seminars and trainings e.g. on the following topics:

    • Construction and validation of rating models and score cards
    • Estimation of the Basel II risk parameters (PD, LGD, EAD)
    • Risk-adjusted pricing and risk management of loans
    • Credit portfolio modeling and capital allocation
    • Quantitative methods in credit risk management using the software package R
    • Introduction to risk management using Excel and VBA
    • Pricing of financial derivatives (equity, FX, interest rates, inflation, commodities)
    • Object-oriented programing in C++ with applications to risk management of financial derivatives
    • CVA calculation for derivative portfolios

    If you wish more information on our seminars, or if you are interested in an in-house-training, please contact us.

      Contact us:
    +49 6007 - 917 693


      January 2017
    Dr. Sascha Engelbrecht is joining RIVACON
    as managing partner
      September 2016
    Paper on Local Correlation Model
      May 2016
    Paper on Calibration of Hybrid Market Models
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